Immense 2006

“Immense” is a sensory theatre performance. In a high-rise building one finds 15 shelters, in each shelter a single spectator is welcomed by a single performer. As in each shelter exactly the same happens at the same time, the sounds in the various shelters seem to resonate. A collective ritual that is experienced individually. Through loudspeakers the spectator listens to stories, (inspired among others on the philosophy of Merleau-Ponty), while the performer executes a tea ceremony. For example the spectator gets a foot-wash, is given honey to taste, drinks a cup of tea, and is exposed to wonderful images. In this performance the light just shines slightly different on daily occurrences in such a way that, for a short moment, magic becomes visible.

video 10:15”

Concept, text, choreography: Roos van Geffen

Produced at Huis aan de Werf, premiere May 20, 2006 at Festival aan de Werf. On tour at Festival “The Summer of Antwerp”, 2007, Festival VEO Valencia February 2008.

Performers: Sofie Saller, Barbara Devens, Gonny Gaakeer, Suzana Gomes, Julia Jadkowski, Batja ten Kortenaar, Jelena Kostic, Martha Nuhoff, Claudia Nagaro, Anna Städler, Laura Mas Sauri, Anja Gross, Dorothee Depeauw, Isabella Laesser, Kinga Laszlo, Nathalie Smoor, e.a. Producer: Lotte Heeman, Pieke Berkelmans, technician: Elias Groothoff


“Create a square where cynicism does not exist.” (De Volkskrant, May 18, 2006)

“Immense is a pure and profound experience.” (Review on mei 22, 2006)

“All in all, it is a pure and deep-moving experience” (Review on 8Weekly, May 29, 2006)

“Is van Geffen naive? No, only the one who perceives the world in all its ugliness, can urge so strongly to start searching for beauty.” (Review in De Standaard, August 7, 2007-12-09)