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October 2nd – January 16th Mother and Child at Museum Jan Cunen, as part of the exhibition Bored in The House / Isabelle Wenzel

2021 14th November – 13th December Solo exhibition at ArtCentre De Kolk in Spaarndam, open Saterday and Sunday 12-17  and on appointment


2021 June-August  – Exhibition Surrender with the vidoworks FUGA and Mother and Child and photoinstallation Surrender at Museum Tot Zover Amsterdam 

2021 May – Art route Momentous (Gedenkwaardig) , in the province of Groningen, where art is displayed in empty memorial houses at cemeteries.

2020 March-November Solo-exhibition Eat Love Die at Museum Tot Zover, virtual tour can be visited here: Eat Love Die Virtual Tour

2020 July Video choreography Smile at group exhibition Beauty/?  at K.L.8  in Brussels 

2020 January Photoseries Drifting in Time at group exhibition  Depictions of the Living in The Art Pavilion,Londen a.o.:Saskia Boelsums Mustafa Boga Darren Cullen Maria Blue Jessica Wetherly

2019 October-November Photo installation Drift in public space of Almere-Haven

2019 October-November Solo exhibition 10×10 years and Drifting in Time Corrosia Theater Film & Expo Almere

2019 March- May Solo exhibition Media Vita and Unfocused Days, VOX-POP Amsterdam

2018 May-June Unfocused Days and Five Faces in Concertgemaal Amsterdam duo-exhibition with Claartje Chajes

2018 May Photoseries Surender i.c.w. Performance students Theatre School Maastricht

2017  September-October Chrooma and Black School Fotodok at group exhibition Beyond Us and Them

2016   oktober Lecture-Perfomance Higgs Deeltje Photo Festival Schiedam, Stedelijk Museum Schiedam

2016   Research Higgs Deeltje Artist in residence Atelier Oerol Terschelling

2014   Black School in City Hall of Lelystad

2013   Five Faces solo exhibition City Hall Lelystad

2012  Five faces and Ten Hands, The Collection of Fears and Desires at group exhibition Who’s afraid off… Corrosia Almere a.o.. Anouk Kruithof, Els Vanden Meersch, Nicky Maas, Maarten Boekweit

 PERFORMANCES (selection)


2013   Rhwydo (Vangst in Welsh and English), tour 30 performances, Swansea, Bangor, Cardiff, Eistedfodd, Wales Engeland

2012   Vangst, Oerol, Terschelling,

2012   Sea childrens performance bij Tg Max Rotterdam

2011   Vangst, Theaterfestival Boulevard, Festival BIES, Corrosia, Kunstenfestival Grenswerk

2011   The Collection of Fears and Desires , The one-to-one Festival, Battersea Arts Centre Londen

2010   Breath Festival a/d Werf

2009   Immense, Festival VEO Valencia Spanje

2008   WE Festival a/d Werf, Over ‘t IJ Festival, De Karavaan BIES!

2007   Immense Summer of Antwerp België

2007   Brood Festival aan de Werf

2006   Immens Festival a/d Werf

2006   Attack of Beauty in public space of Rotterdam Conny Jansen Danst and Pieter Athmer

2004   Short Movie Fears and Desires In the USA

2004   Please don’t leave me, in casino Las Vegas in Rotterdam

2002   Hartstocht, Brugge Culturele Hoofdstad, i.s.m. Dries Verhoeven, Theaterfestival Boulevard, 2004 Festival a/d Werf, 2008 Frascati

2000   Zucht Theaterfestival Boulevard i.c.w.. Dries Verhoeven

1999   Crude Pure Theatre Festival Boulevard

1998   Video- and super8installation Pure Theatre Festival Boulevard

1997   Watching with your ears opening of Theatre Festival Boulevard



2020   Artistfee of Mondriaan Fund,

2020   Grant Cultuurfonds

2019   Grant of Stichting Stokroos

2018   Work grant of Tijlfonds, Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds,

2011   Selected te represent the Netherlands at  The Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space

2008   Performance WE top 3 best mime performances 2008 in De Theatermaker

2008   Projectgrant, Fund BKVB

2004   Work grant  Fund BKVB

2003   Starting Stipend Fund BKVB

2000   Nomination academy Prize, Academy of Visual Arts Maastricht


Teaching and lectures

2009-2019  Project teacher Rietveld Academy, HKU, Frank Mohr Institute, Theatre School Maastricht: performance and scenography

2017-2019 external expert examinations scenography Maastricht

2017  Involved in Content with the Education Profile of the Federation of Culture

2015-2019  Lectures at Fotodok, Arcam, HEMA senior managment, OISTAD, University of Utrecht, Masterclass Artez Arnhem, Hema designdepartement, Arup Amsterdam


SCENOGRAFIE (selectie)

Archive scenography can be found HIER

2015 various costume designs selected for Costume at the turn of the century 1990-2015 in het A.A. Bakhrushin Central State Theatre Museum in Moskou

2008-2015   Scenographer at Tryater in Leeuwarden, director Ira Judkovskaja: Burning Bright, Eintsje Libben, Macbeth, Uncle Wanja, Grûn

2001-2007   Scenographer at Noord Nederlands Toneel in Groningen director Koos Terpstra: Dantons Death, Othello Children of the Sun, Torquato Tasso, De Luitenant van Inishmore a.o..

1999-2005   Scenographer director Victoria Meirik in The Netherlands and Norway: The Inheritance, Crave, Kamikaze, Antigone, Ivanov, Richard III a.o.