Traces 2018-2019

Series of 6, fine art print, 114 x 76 cm , 76 x 51 cm, 34 x 23 cm

” I experienced my father’s death process up close and found comfort in my camera. “What remains when someone disappears?” was the guiding question and I found the answer in small, intimate traces of life. Sensory sensations such as the hand that gave the soap its soft shape. His hair comb – a still life in itself. Touches that literally create traces on objects through endless repetition. But also the vain desire to make that touch tangible again.”


Parool, June 4th 2020, Maarte Moll : (….)  Also striking are the photos in the hallway that are part of the series Traces (2017-2019), taken during the illness process of Van Geffen’s father. We see a comb, a shirt collar, a pillow on which perhaps a head has rested for the last time, a hand passing through the hair. These are moving details that indirectly tell us more about the one who is no longer there. A bar of soap formed by his hands. We often overlook it. Again that layering.

Photos Museum Tot Zover: Gert Jan van Rooij