a cabinet of fears and desires 2011

Vangst, performance about fears and desires in a small theater in public space, premiere August 5th, 2011 Theater festival Boulevard ‘s-Hertogenbosch

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In recent years, Roos van Geffen has built up a large collection of fears and desires, from casual passers-by on the street. Sitting at a table with a typewriter, she had special and often frank encounters. This collection formed the starting point for the performance Vangst. In the cabinet of fears and desires, which is always in different places in public space, the audience hears the often special confessions. Before the performance starts, spectators type their own motives, which they throw through the letterboxes of the theater. A voice-over shares the fears and desires, which are wrapped with a gold thread piled against the walls of the cabinet. A female performer opens a large paper package, wrapped just like the fears and desires. It has a man in it, eyes closed. Through her movements she tries to make contact, to bring him back to life. First carefully, slowly rougher. Within these movements, associations arise that have to do with the fears and desires that the audience hears. Ultimately, the situation turns around. The man is alive, the woman is lifeless.

Concept, text and direction: Roos van Geffen, dramaturgy: Yvonne Franquinet, performers: Anne van Balen and Fabián A. Santarciel de la Quintana, business manager Foundation Immens: Rachel Feuchtwang, producer: Esther van Rooijen

Tour 2011: Festival Bies, Corrosia Almere, Kunstenfestival Grenswerk, 2012: Oerol festival

Tour 2013: Wales, Great Britain: Bangor, Cardiff, Swansea, National Eisteddfod Festival

CCQ Art Brussels: The sensual pouring of salt preserves the picture I’ll take with me as I leave. Desires and fears are preserved in my brain.

BBC Radio: ‘A fantastic and subtle performance …(…)’

Leeuwarder Courant: .’.. fear of death and the longing for love and intimacy come together beautifully’.

NRC Handelsblad: ‘Beautiful stillness is present at Vangst van Roos van Geffen (…) First tenderly, then mercilessly. The highly concentrated action is compelling at times. It is up to the spectator to connect the performance with the stories about fear and desire.’

Geert Overdam, artistic director Theaterfestival Boulevard: Roos van Geffen with Vangst, a small performance about fears. Real experience theater, close to your skin. You feel the need to let us experience this deep in your body. And that is exactly what art means to me: breath and blood.