The Collection of fears and desires

The collection of fears and desires 2000-present

Performance in public space 

“What is your greatest desire? What is your deepest fear”?

Roos van Geffen has been asking these two questions to people all over the world for more than 20 years. She types the answers on a card. Date, age, occupation and place of residence are also noted. The person who answers remains anonymous. The thousands of fears and desires recorded can be viewed on request. Van Geffen also gives performance lectures, in which she shares her collection of fears and desires with the audience. Roos van Geffen collected fears and desires from 2000 in Den Bosch, America, Maastricht, London, Terschelling, Enschede, Cardiff, Amsterdam, Almere, Swansea, Denbigh, among others.

Exhibition view of The collection of fears and desires. The collection of fears and desires contains thousands written or typed cards, printed emails and video taped interviews.