The Final Month

The Final Month 2020

10 LCD screens 10”, 10 USB sticks, 10 films on loop, 0:25”-1:00”

Hands have always been a beloved subject for artists. Aside from an attentive study of muscles, tendons, veins and skin, an artwork featuring hands mostly concerns itself with something deeper. It’s about affection, to be touched, and of course love. For one month, Roos van Geffen filmed the hands of her dying father. The images are in chronological order.

The Last Month has her father’s hand as the subject, but it is not about him. With this work Van Geffen tries to capture something of what life is, at the same time that is exactly what disappears when someone dies.

“For me, the only way to relate to something as impossible as my father’s death, was to make something from it. Putting a camera on it on order to make my anguish manageable.”


Research for The Last Month


Traces (2017-2019)

The photo series Traces shows the process behind the making of the video work The final month. Roos experienced her father’s death process up close and found comfort in her camera. “What remains when someone disappears?” was the guiding question for her and she found the answer in small, intimate traces of life. Sensory sensations such as the hand that gave the soap its soft shape. His hair comb – a still life in itself. Touches that literally create traces on objects through endless repetition. But also the vain desire to make that touch tangible again.

Series of 6, fine art print, 114 x 76 cm , 76 x 51 cm, 34 x 23 cm