Hartstocht 2002-2011

Hartstocht is a theatrical bus tour allowing the spectators to experience an inverted world. They are transported through the city in a VW bus with blacked-out windows and an open roof. Mirrors are attached at waist height of spectators, and produces the effect of a city ‘sliding by underneath them’. The visitors see the bottom of buildings, churches, trees and clouds passing by. A text delivered through headphones makes it an associative performance about releasing control.

Concept and text in cooperation with Dries Verhoeven, premiere April 1st, 2002.

Co-commissioned by Villanella, Brugge Culturele Hoofdstad (2002), Theaterfestival Boulevard (2003), Festival a/d Werf (2004), Frascati (2008) and Antwerpen Open (Opening Museum Stroom 2011) Photography: René Louman


“Hartstocht is as original as it is breath-taking.” Annelies De Waele in De Morgen (03-04-2002)

“It is wonderful that in a time when everything has already been thought of someone can offer the audience such a totally new experience with such a simple intervention.” Marian Buijs in De Volkskrant (15-08-2004)