The Higgs Particle

The Higgs Particle 2016

Performance lecture with 6 slide projectors 6 screens and 160 slides.

Photo festival Schiedam in Stedelijk Museum Schiedam October 2016.

New version at Art Centre De Kolk Spaarndam 2021

For years Roos has been fascinated by the Higgs particle, an elementary particle. After a search of almost half a century, it was finally found in the particle accelerator in van Cern. It explains why matter has mass, it is a connecting force that determines everything we see around us. If you can find that at the subatomic level, can you find it in the case of humans? What makes you are or you or not? With these questions as a starting point, Roos took long circular walks, but instead of finding answers, she found temporary circles in the landscape. In a performance lecture, Roos interweaves the search for the Higgs particle, personal questions and associations with her own search in the landscape. She built an analog image accelerator, in which the temporary circles appear and disappear.

In 2021 the publication The Higgs Particle was published, a leporello of 220cm in signed edition of 50, with the text of the performance lecture in Dutch, and photos from the series.

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“I walk my circle 2πR, 27 kilometers, the same size as the particle accelerator in CERN. .. looking for temporary circles in the landscape, with my consciousness as a connecting force. ”

“We have a desire to imagine the smallest of the smallest, but we cannot. It has no looks. It is not about seeing. ”

“The Higgs boson sometimes appears when two hydrogen particles burst at high speed. It is a trillionth of a second and disappears immediately after birth. It is the ultimate temporality.”

A autonomous commision of the Fotofestival Schiedam, at display at  Het Stedelijk Museum Schiedam 13-16 oktober 2016. Made with the support of the artist in residency of Oerol Festival and Anouk van Kolfschoten