Media Vita

Media Vita 2019

76 photography books, trestles, wooden planks, 20 microphones with media players, credit list, quotes, 2200 cm x 60 ccm

In the installation Media Vita, seventy-six photobooks constitute an associative story on transience. The books are from the collection of the artist’s deceased father, and are mostly concerning 20th-century classical black and white photography. Meandering past the open books, a story unfolds: a narrative that attempts to capture a life from beginning to end, from conception and birth to death. Or vice versa: from nought to existence back to… nothing.

Whispers arise from certain pages. These are audio quotes from the photographer depicted in the book, on photography, life and death.

The installation is also a stroll through the history of photography. World-famous photographers captured universal moments with their camera. These iconic photos are intertwined with personal memories. Photography is closely connected to transience. It provides a snapshot of the world in a state of perpetual change. Concurrently, photography freezes life and thereby averts decay.

Roos van Geffen: “My father collected photo books by well-known and lesser-known photographers, with an emphasis on classic black and white photography of the twentieth century. I inherited this collection of hundreds of books from him when he died. My bookcase is already quite full. So I decided to sell a few books on After 3 months, one was finally sold: A Photographers Life by Annie Leibovitz.

Before I posted it, I leafed through it: a photo collage with the dead Susan Sontag, laid out in Leibovitz’s house, touched me deeply. In the last months of his life, my father often asked, How should you die? I didn’t know what to answer.

At the same time, I regularly wonder: How should I live? These two questions are essentially related to each other. Susan Sontag wrote in In On Photography (1977): “Photography is an inventory of mortality.” I could not sell this book and decided to keep the entire collection as a starting point for an artistic research.”

Parool, June 4th 2020, Maarten Moll : (….) Now we can again focus on beautiful exhibitions, which reflect on matters related to death. ” For example Eat Love Die by Roos van Geffen (1975). This is a retrospective of old and new work about farewell, desire and transience. There is new work in the main hall of the museum; an installation with photo books, Media Vita (2019). (…) “When her father died, he left a large collection of photo books. A selection of these, 76 books, has been deposited here. Intriguing, because you would think this work is about her father. About his taste, his passion for collecting. But because of the choices she has made, it naturally also tells a lot about her. ” It is a beautiful, meandering route that Van Geffen has set out. The stored books of great photographers tell about the life cycle, from birth – we see, for example, the pregnant photographer Annie Leibovitz – to the inevitable death. In the background we hear statements by the photographers from the books. It is a look back and a look ahead at the same time. Multi-layered, and very recognizable.

Image quotes Media Vita

1. Tribute to Niépce. Ugo Mulas, undated. Germano Celant. Ugo Mulas. New York: Rizzoli International Publications, 1989, unpaged.

2. Sterne. Henry Frères, 1885. From: Françoise Bariseel et al. Sterne und Stars. Höchst/Keulen/Paris: Galerie Jahrhunderthalle, Galerie Rudolf Kicken, Galerie Alain Paviot, Galerie Heidi Reckermann, 1992, p. 29.

3. Orchid. Robert Mapplethorpe, 1988. From: John Ashbery. Mapplethorpe: pistils. New York: Random House, 1996, p. 167.

4. Untitled. Claude Alexandre, 1981. From: Jean-Luc Monterosso et al. Claude Alexandre. Paris: Paris Audiovisuel, 1986, p. 35.

5. Exploding Seed Pod. Imogen Cunningham, 1963. From: Richard Lorenz. Imogen Cunningham: Flora. Boston, New York, Londen: Bulfinch Press, 1993, unpaged.

6. Pepper no. 30. Edward Weston, 1930. From: Steve Crist. Edward Weston: 125 photographs. AMMO Books, LLC, unpaged.

7. Photograph taken by Susan, London Terrace, West 23rd Street, October 15, 2000. Susan Sontag 2000. From: Annie Leibovitz. Annie Leibovitz: a photographer’s life 1990-2005. New York: Random House Trade Paperbacks, 2009, unpaged.

8. Tecla, Amsterdam. Mei/May 16, 1994. Rineke Dijkstra, 1994. From: Frits Gierstberg et al. Human conditions, intimate portraits. Rotterdam: Nederlands Foto Instituut, undated, p.69.

9. Mexico, 1934. Henri Cartier Bresson, 1934. From: Henri Cartier. Bresson Photograpie. Paris: Delpire Editeure Paris, 1979, unpaged.

10. Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1968. Robert Adams, 1968. From: Cid Corman et al. To make it home, photographs of the American West. Philadelphia: Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1989, p. 35.

11. Untitled no. 225. Cindy Sherman, 1990. From: Arthur Danto. Cindy Sherman: History Portraits. Paris, München: Schirmer/Mosel, 1991, unpaged.

12. Nude. Peter Hujar, undated. From: Klaus Kertess. Peter Hujar: animals and nudes. Santa Fe: Twin Palm Publishers, 2002, unpaged.

13. Kostbarkeiten. Werner Bischof, 1948. From: Marco Bischof et al. Werner Bischof Bilder. Zürich: Helmhaus, 2006, p. 76.

14. Artemio Colon Gym, Harlem, 1980. Martine Barrat, 1980. From: Martine Barrat, Martin Scorsese. ‘Do or die… we do, we don’t die.’ New York: Penguin Books, 1993, unpaged.

15. Mutter, Vater und Söhne. Diana Blok, 1987. From: Diana Blok, Elena Poniatowska. Diana Blok: Blutsbande. Amsterdam: Uitgeverij Contact, 1990, p. 61.

16. Ongetiteld. Peter Loewy, undated. From: Gina Kehayoff. Peter Loewy: Jewishness. München: Gina Kehayoff Verlag, 1997, unpaged.

17. Vloer, steentje, stoel, tafel. Johan van der Keuken, 1970. From: Johan van der Keuken et al. After-image/Nabeeld. Leiden: Fragment Uitgeverij, 1991, p. 118.

18. Red Apples. Irving Penn, 1985. From: Irving Penn, Alexander Liberman. Passage: a work record. Hamburg, New York: Ginko Gallaway, 1991, p. 254.

19. Ongetiteld. Juliette Bongers, 1995. From: Photography Annual of the Netherlands jury. Photography Annual of the Netherlands 1995. Rotterdam: Duo Duo, p. 106.

20. China, 1979. Eve Arnold, 1979. From: Eve Arnold. Eve Arnold: Handbook (with footnotes). London: Bloomsbury Publishers, 2004. unpaged.

21. Mother’s no. 49. Ishuichi Miyako, 2002. From: Ishuichi Miyako. Mother’s 2000-2005: traces of the future. Venice: Jananese pavillion of the Venice Biennale, 2005, p. 45.

22. Untitled no. 93. Simen Johan, 2001. From: Simen Johan. Simen Johan: room to play. Santa Fe: Twin Palm Publishers, 2002, unpaged.

23. Ohne Titel. Hervé Guibert, 1983. From: Hervé Guilbert. Hervé Guibert: Photographien. Paris, München: Schirmer/Mosel, 1993, unpaged.

24. Whiteface intervale, New Hampshire, 1936. Eliot Porter, 1936. From: Eliot Porter. Eliot Porter. New York, Boston: New York Graphic Society Books, Little, Brown and Company, 1987, unpaged.

25. An Iraqi tank shell exploding on a Kurdish position on the road to Arbile. Don McCullin, undated. From: Don McCullin et al. Don McCullin: sleeping with ghosts. London: Vintage, Random House, 1995, p. 192.

26. Arabia. Marc Riboud, 1974. From: Marc Riboud, Claude Roy. Marc Riboud: photographs at home and abroad. New York: Harry N. Abrams Incorporated, 1986, unpaged.

27. Atomic bomb expolosion. Harold Edgerton, 1952. From: Harold Edgerton et al. Stopping Time: the photographs of Harold Edgerton. New York: Harry N. Abrams Incorporated, 1987, p. 145.

28. Ongetiteld. Eugene Richards, undated. From: Eugene Richards et al. Cocaine true, cocaine blue. Aperture Foundation, 1994, unpaged.

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Photos: Gert Jan van Rooij